Listed below are the discipleship classes that we offer throughout the year. Class dates will be listed on our event calendar. To sign up, please attend our regular Sunday service.


DCP 101

In this class, you’ll learn who we are, where we are going and how we are going to get there. Lunch and childcare are provided.

Intro to Membership - 201

This class goes a little bit more in-depth about DCP and is required to become a member.

Kingdom of God

Is the kingdom power of God available to the whole church today? Is the kingdom the same in the USA as it is in Africa and China? Is Acts 1:8 available to the whole church? This course focuses on answering these questions.

Equipped to Heal

In this class, you’ll learn about how to understand and function in healing ministry that Jesus had and has called all Christians to function in. The course provides not only the mandate to heal the sick and the Bible theory of healing but also the “practice” and “how” of healing.

Equipping the Saints

The primary focus of this course is to reveal that every Spirit-filled Christian can minister the power of the Kingdom of God like Jesus did (Luke 10:1-19). It also gives an introduction to spiritual gifts and the prophetic gift. This is the perfect course for those with limited understanding of the Priesthood of the Believer and function in Holy Spirit power.

Corporate Evangelism

Learn about the mandate to evangelize, the practical process of sharing one’s faith, as well as helpful strategies for stepping out to witness wherever you go.