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Pastoral Transition: 30 Years of History

Pastoral Transition: 30 Years of History

Today marks a momentous and auspicious event! Pastor Dennis Bourns has turned over the lead pastor position of VCP to Pastor Doug Scott. This video gives an overview of our church’s 30 year history under Pastor Dennis. Join with us in the celebration of our apostolic heritage!

What People Are Saying

I wouldn’t be the same person if had I not been a part of this church. There’s just something about the presence of God being here among us on a consistent basis that changes you and transforms you into a new person. I have a family here. And in that family are people who love me unconditionally. I have people that hear from the Spirit of God and that also speak truth from the word of God. That balance is something that’s changed me as a man. 


Member of DCP

The worship here is always amazing. You can tell that Martin (the worship leader) really has a heart to worship God and experience His presence. 


Member at DCP

We’re involved in a small group now. We’re surrounded by people that love the Lord; that motivate and encourage us. Not only that but our everyday life has been affected.


Member at DCP

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