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This is a collection of videos created by DCP (previously VCP and VCF Phoenix). Click on a video to watch it. You can also leave comments or share it with friends.

Work That Thing

This is a clip from a recent message given by lead apostle Dennis Bourns. In this clip, Dennis is expressing the liberty that comes from following your “Ultimate Opportunity Revelation”.

Pastoral Transition: 30 Years of History

Today marks a momentous and auspicious event! Pastor Dennis Bourns has turned over the lead pastor position of VCP to Pastor Doug Scott. This video gives an overview of our church’s 30 year history under Pastor Dennis. Join with us in the celebration of our apostolic heritage!

Testimony: Thyroid Healed

Recently, Michelle was admitted to the hospital with very high blood pressure. This is the story of how God healed her!

Mexico 2015

This is a recap of our recent missions trip to Mexico.

I Remember

This is a powerful video about who Jesus is and what he did for us. It includes a song written and performed by Martin Reill, worship pastor at VCP.