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Discipleship Classes

Listed below are the discipleship classes that we offer throughout the year. Class dates will be listed on our event calendar. If you’d like more information about a class, click on its title. You can let us know you are interested in future classes by using the form at the bottom of the page.

DCP - 101

In this class, you’ll learn who we are, where we are going and how we are going to get there. Lunch and childcare is provided.

Duration: 1.5 Hrs.

Equipped to Heal

In this class you’ll learn about how to understand and function in healing ministry that Jesus had and has called all Christians to function in. The course provides not only the mandate to heal the sick and the Bible theory of healing, but also the “practice” and “how” of healing.

Duration: 6 Hrs.
Awakening the Prophetic

This is our most popular course; it reveals the value, purpose and how to function in the prophetic gift. There are thirty sections in this teaching under three primary headings, which are: awakening the prophetic gift, building a prophetic church community, and dream interpretation.

Duration: 8 Hrs.
Advancing the Prophetic

This course will reveal how to advance in prophetic giftedness, and how to bring prophetic ministry expression into the local church in a healthy way. This course also teaches the dynamics of how one moves from simple prophetic giftedness to prophetic ministry development.

Duration: 8 Hrs.
Leadership Development

This teaching furthers leadership development, covering four topics: dealing with discouragement, leadership risk taking 101, how to strengthen yourself in the Lord, and the importance of transitions in leadership.

Duration: 6 Hrs.
Developing an Apostolic Paradigm

This course explains that apostolic ministry is for today. It also reveals why apostolic ministry is vitally needed and how it develops, the function and role of apostolic ministry in the local church, and how it is applied outside the local church.

Duration: 8 Hrs.
Winning the Battle for Our Mind

For every Christian, it is imperative that we understand the Battlefield of the Mind and that the condition and use of our mind can produce a healthy or unhealthy life. This teaching is a resource for achieving a renewed mind; a mind that is in submission to the knowledge of God and His will for our lives.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

Eight Essentials of a Good Marriage

All marriages require the same fundamental keys in order to have and maintain a healthy relationship. This class reviews 8 basic principles that make up a great marriage.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

Intro to Membership 201

This class goes a little bit more in-depth about DCP and is required to become a member.

Duration: 2 Hrs.

Spiritual Warfare

In this class, we learn who Satan and demons are, what spiritual warfare is, and our role in defending ourselves and others in this spiritual war. You will also learn the theory and the practice of deliverance ministry; how to cast out demons.

Duration: 8 Hrs.

Intro to Dream Interpretation

This teaching will provide a wonderful introduction to dream interpretation. Many Christians dream but don’t realize that God speaks to us in dreams (Acts.2:17) and that we should learn to interpret them so that we can know what God is trying to reveal to us.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

Achieving Your Destiny in God

An in-depth course, there are eleven sections which will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to find your destiny in God.

Duration: 9 Hrs.

Church Life

This course defines the three Cs of church life (Community, Cause, and Corporation), and why they’re important.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

Conflict Resolution

For obvious reasons, we need to understand and have the ability to resolve conflict. This course explores the answers and solution to the problem of conflict as provided by Jesus.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

Personal Evangelism

When the opportunity arises will you be prepared to share the Gospel of Christ? Do you know what the Bible says about salvation and what is required to be saved? This course gives the answers to these questions and more. It will also help you become sensitive to those who are open to the Gospel and equip you to serve them with a quality presentation of the Gospel message.

Duration: 3 Hrs

The Art of Loving Well

What are the building blocks of a good marriage? This course discusses 7 common areas in marriage that must be overcome in order to love well.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

Kingdom of God

Is the kingdom power of God available to the whole church today? Is the kingdom the same in the USA as it is in Africa and China? Is Acts 1:8 available to the whole church? This course focuses on answering these questions.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

Kingdom of God and Spiritual Gifts

This course reveals what the Kingdom of God is and the necessity of a kingdom theology for embracing spiritual gifts. This course is not another teaching that only encourages the believer about spiritual gifts; it provides the essentials for functioning and activation in spiritual gifts.

Duration: 5 Hrs.
Advanced Discipleship
 In this class, we teach about the value and application of being “word and Spirit” Christians. This course also reveals the needed dynamics for spiritual growth and the Holy Spirit’s ministry through you. This course is a must for those who seek the Spirit-filled Christian life and ministry.
Duration: 5 Hrs.
Four Keys to Wise Living

A survey of the Book of Jonah, every Christian will benefit from this course as it covers four vital keys that support Christian living: obedience, repentance, mercy, and learning to agree with God. This course also provides a foundation for the development and function of those who would become a prophetic minister.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

Equipping the Saints

The primary focus of this course is to reveal that every Spirit-filled Christian can minister the power of the Kingdom of God like Jesus did (Luke 10:1-19). It also gives an introduction to spiritual gifts and the prophetic gift. This is the perfect course for those with limited understanding of the Priesthood of the Believer and function in Holy Spirit power.

Duration: 5 Hrs.

Destination Worship

The destination of worship is the presence of Jesus among us. This course teaches the principals that allow us to reach that destination.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

Boundaries for Life

Just as homeowners set physical property lines around their land, we need to set mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries for our lives to help us distinguish what responsibilities belong to us. This class teaches how to understand and set such boundaries. 

Duration: 3 Hrs.

How Change Works

Good leadership requires constant, personal change. This course goes into the details of how change works and why it is such a necessity.

Duration: 3 Hrs.

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